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Rhone River Cruises

Rhone River Cruises

Rhone River Cruises

Rhone River Cruises



Rhone River Cruises

Rhone River Cruises France

Fascinating Rhone River Cruises

The landscapes of Europe are some of the best places to spend a holiday, and what better way is there to relax than traveling down one of the many beautiful rivers of Europe on Rhone River cruises. Rhone River cruises offer a trip not only down the Rhone, but the amazing Saone River as well. On the many Rhone River cruises you will visit some of the most historic and quaint sites in France, and your experience of the many cities in historic France will make your vacations unforgettable. There are many places to see and visit, and Rhone River cruises offer you only the best of what France has to offer.

Rhone River Cruises Highlights: Chalon sur Saone

  • Chalon-sur-Saone is the city where you will be boarding your cruise ship, but not before you have had a chance to enjoy some of the sights and smells of this quaint little French town. Here you will get your first taste of the breads and cheeses for which France is famous, but you will find that saving your tastebuds for the wine of Burgundy will be the best choice.


Rhone River Cruises Highlights: Burgund

  • The Burgundy wine route is a scenic drive along some of the most famous vineyards in the world, and your final destination on the wine route is Beaune. This city is considered Burgundy's wine capital, and you will learn everything you need to know about viticulture, or the art of making wine. You can enjoy one of the many wine tastings in the many wine cellars of Burgundy, and you should take the time to stroll through the city to enjoy the beautiful architecture.


Rhone River Cruises Highlights: Lyon

  • Lyon is the next stop on most Rhone River cruises, with the Basilica of Notre Dame being one of the most famous of destinations. The Palace of Justice is an important stop on your tour, as well as the architecturally-amazing St. Jean Cathedral. Soak up the views of the city from Fourviere Hill, and walk around Vieux Lyon's cobbled streets for some souvenir shopping and amazing French cuisine. Lyon is nearly 2,000 years old, and will offer you some of the best destinations that you will see on any Rhone River cruises.


Rhone River Cruises Highlights: Vienne

  • Vienne is one of the oldest cities in France, having been partially constructed by the Romans. You should not miss visiting the Temple of Augustus and Livia, as well as the amazing St. Maurice cathedral built in the Gothic style of architecture. The Roman amphitheater is a marvel of construction, and you will find that a tour inside the structure will give you an insight into Roman culture of years past. Don't neglect to simply stroll around the city and take in the natural culture of Vienne, as well as try some local cuisine.


Rhone River Cruises Highlights: Tournon

  • Tournon is one of France's most famous wine country, and here you will be offered the chance to try some of the region's most famous wines. The Musee de Tain l'Hermitage is an amazing place to visit, and you will find that it is located in the region's oldest house.


Rhone River Cruises Highlights: Viviers

  • Viviers is a city famous for its Renaissance buildings, as well as for the Old Town section of the town. Visit this town cradled among the mountains, and enjoy exploring the sights and sounds of Viviers for a truly cultural experience.


Rhone River Cruises Highlights: Arles

  • Arles is famous for its many architectural marvels, such as the massive Roman ruins. These include Les Arenes, a Roman arena that was capable of seating 20,000 people. Visit the Church of Saint-Trophime, which was built over 500 years ago.


Rhone River Cruises Highlights: Avignon

  • Avignon is affectionately called "The City of Popes", thanks to the fact that seven popes called Avignon home between the years of 1309 and 1377. The Pont d'Avignon is one of the most famous locations in the city, as is the Place de l'Horloge. The Palace of Popes is famous for the Gothic style of architecture, and this building was the palace, church, fortress, and home of the French popes. Chateauneauf-du-Pape is a famous vineyard that you must visit, and the wine tastings offered by the vineyard will be the perfect ending to your Rhone River cruises.



Rhone River Cruises

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